Sinker Redwood.  It is called 'Sinker', as it has been buried below the 'silt' of the rivers in California for about 100 years.  As the logs were 'ridden' down the rivers to California to be processed into paper, some of these logs sunk.  Those that were buried under the floor of the river did not rot, but changed colors causing the streaking that you see.  Do to the new environment laws of California, it is now not economically feasible to bring up these logs anymore.  When the current supply of wood is gone, this wood will no longer be available.  The sound is unique; to me it is a cross between Redwood and Cypress.  It is one of my favorite tops for fingerpicking.  It requires light gauge strings.  I have a number of these sets, but will probably let only a few go, as I will build more guitars with these tops.

Personal Collection of Woods
Sinker Redwood