Personal Collection of Woods

Brazilian Rosewood has long been considered the 'Holy Grail' of tonewood for guitars, primarily because all 'pre-war' guitars were built with either Brazilian Rosewood or Mahogany (vastly different sounds).  It is harder (and more expensive) each year to get Brazilian Rosewood, as the only way to get it legally out of Brazil today is to harvest it from stumps of trees that were cut down many years ago.  Another source of Brazilian Rosewood is from old ranches and furniture built with this wood (which used to be cheap) and now cut apart for tonewood.  The hard core reality however is that there truly are other rosewoods that sound as good as Brazilian Rosewood AND the luthier plays a much more important role in the sound of the guitar than the wood.  I have played (and owned) many wonderful guitars with Brazilian Rosewood and have played guitars that have no 'distinguishable' sound with the same wood.  The luthier is the key ingredient to any guitar, with the wood being the second most important factor. This wood is not available from us.

Brazilian Rosewood