Exclusively for Singer Songwriters
This page is for Singer/Songwriters only. I have agreements with some of the luthiers on the 'For Sale' Page and some others; each to build guitars for a fraction of the price of our other guitars for Singer/Songwriters only. They are all very high quality and have the same sound as guitars on my other pages (with the exception of Brazilian Rosewood). They will be all wonderful woods, and the very best pickups on the market. These are made for traveling artists to use on the road, as they will have optimal sound both acoustically and through a PA.

There will generally not be more than 4 at a time on this page as the prices are the lowest price a handmade guitar can be sold for. In fact, the prices will not even be listed, you'll need to call or email me (see 'Contact Page').


custom made acoustic guitar
We co-sponsoed the 2018 Kerrville 'New Folk' Contest. One of the winners won a beautiful free guitar with Zircote Back and Sides.
handcrafted acoustic guitar
A solid Koa OM (including top) to be up by the end of December)