I hope you post my review as my experience with you and Your Perfect Guitar Co. has been magnificent.

Most importantly from what I've seen and found on your most impressive website is that have an incredible collection of hand chosen and most gorgeous custom, rare Guitars and Ukuleles for sale in the world!!!
Some may say, "How does Paul really know what he's saying is true". Fair question, 
1) Bob is one of the most knowledgeable guitar experts you will ever find. 
2) No one could have been more thoughtful, patient and reasonable. 
3) The 'Your Perfect Guitar' website is incredibly well set up and the music video's realyyyyy help. 
4) Personally, I was looking for the Most Exquisite and Rare Custom Ukulele in the World!!! Asthetics and Tonality Like Non Other. Hmmmm why Your Perfect Guitar??? 
Well while investigating on the Jay Lichty Guitar website I saw and watched a music video as his Original Django Baritone Archtop that made me drool. Interestingly there was a link to 'Your Perfect Guitar' that had the only Lichtey Django Long Neck Baritone Archtop in the world which included special Snakewood that Mr. Singer provided and the most beautiful One of a kind inlays from the brilliant Craig Lavin. 
*Was 'my' Lichtey Django Long Neck Baritone a 1 of a kind with custom inlays, Yes.....
* Was it incredible like no other, Yes. 
* Was my 1 of a kind Long Neck Baritone adding the Snake wood and inlays the idea of Bob Singer, Yes.
** Finally, was I completely satisfied with my purchase in every way, absolutely!!!!
~~Paul~~ Thanks Paul!!

Dear Bob,

I would like to thank you for our recent transaction. Your ability to provide me with a perfect guitar (yes I know what I did there), has been a wonderful experience. I have always dreamed of owning a Petros, but never thought the chance would arise. Your ability to design a Petros GC which is perfect in my eyes and offer it for sale has made my dream come true.  

I thank you again for this experience and for making it such an easy transaction. I love my new Petros and I have you to thank for it, well Bruce and Matt too I guess!!!!! Thanks to the three of you. I will enjoy this guitar for many many years to come.


I just wanted to say, Bob, what a joy it has been to get to know you and your passion for guitars.  Your thoughtful, timely, patient  and comprehensive answers to my many, many questions was most appreciated and helpful in my decision to make the purchase.  It is a risk to send one's hard earned money to buy from someone you have never met, to purchase a quality guitar you have never laid hands on.  However - you instilled an
instant sense of trust and integrity to me - with the depth of your knowledge and your personal passion for guitars.  Your web-site is excellent and I must have  viewed it dozens and dozens of times during our many e-mails back and forth to each other.  My best decision to call and speak to you in person - when I became serious about making the purchase.  It was even better talking with you in person and it helped me make up my mind to invest in the SJ.  Your quality of service is superb and I felt- not only
did I purchase a wonderful guitar which will be an heirloom - but I have made a new friend in the process.  I felt that you cared very much that I get the dream guitar I was looking for - even if it meant - not purchasing one of yours.  As a guitar consultant, you would have helped me find the right luthier and woods to make it.  Well - the SJ was the right guitar for me and I play it every day.

Thank you, Bob,  for the many special things that you did that made this process trustworthy and personal.  I look forward to hearing and seeing your new guitars and for you  to be my guide - when I decide to build my next guitar to celebrate my retirement.

Bob, this guitar is amazing!  It so loud, beautiful and with unbelievable sustain.  I am surprised you didn't keep it!
(This comes from a customer who has more than 20 custom made guitars!)

​The buying process was simple and hassle free and my Stephen Kinnaird OM guitar was everything as advertised and more. Thanks for for selling me such a wonderful guitar!

What a pleasure discussing guitar builds and designs with Bob@YourPerfectGuitar.com.  Bob was a tremendous help with a few custom builds with Luthiers. Bob is a blessing and a wealth of knowledge in Acoustic guitars! Thanks again Bob! (I eventually helped design two custom guitars from two luthiers).

Bob, you were right, buying a guitar that was built specifically for my style of playing is so far superior to buyng 'just' a great guitar.  It made all the difference in the world!!  Thanks for helping me buy the Stephen Kinnaird guitar!!

I was very nervous about buying a guitar online. It seemed like a great deal of money for something I had not played and had only seen pictures of and heard through tiny speakers. One conversation with Bob set my mind at rest. The guitar was unconditionally guaranteed by him, and I found him very easy to talk to. Now I have a playable work of art and have spent more time enjoying my music than I have in years. Now I am trying to convince my wife that I need a 12 string to go with it! I am very sincere-- this was a pleasure! (Doc has since bought 4 more guitars and the 12 string and ordered an unbelievable custom guitar, that he, his wife and I designed together).