Osthoff Guitars
I've always wanted to get one of John's Guitars​. He is closing in on a beautiful OM with Brazilian Rosewood, Brazilian Rosewood Bindings, Bear Claw Sitka Top with a Macaw inlaw on the headstock by Larry Robinson. Click here for pictures.

Ensor Guitars
I met Chris at the Memphis Acoustic Guitar Festival; was very impressed by the quality and sound of his guitars. His instruments are carried by some of the highest quality custom guitar stores in the country. This guitar is his ES model (cross between OM and dreadnought; very bright, lively sound). The back and sides are Black and White Laotion Ebony with Ebony Binding and European Spruce Top. The inlay on the headstock and down the fretboard will be Craig Lavin's Red Coral Reef Theme - horizontal oriented. Click here for pictures. THIS GUITAR IS HERE! JUST WAITING FOR PICTURES.

Kinnaird Guitars - I've sold more of John & Steve's guitars than any other of my luthiers, so I always have builds going on with them.

John Kinnaird Guitars
John is building two OOO with cutaway Brazilian Rosewood and Two Black and White Ebony - all custom models, sold.

Steve Kinnaird
Steve is building an FS with a beautiful set of Macassar Ebony and an OM with black and white Ebony. Click here for pictures.

In addition to these, there are many custom guitars that are being built for customers that never get on this site...actually the majority of our sales.

If you are interested in any of these builds that are either near completed or in the process where you can add your own customizations, please contact me.

New Guitars in the works...