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There are many places to buy great guitars, from online sites, large guitar stores, boutique guitar stores or directly from the many wonderful luthiers around the country.  The purpose of this website is to provide guitarists (collectors and/or players) an easy way to move from a 'standard' or store bought guitar to a custom guitar that will BEST fit his/her exact playing style, hand size, action, playability, sound, etc. 

I've had many years of designing custom guitars – see my 'Collection' Page – as well as many years of successful consulting experience, working with some of the largest companies in America, and businesses as small as one person. You can also view my YouTube channel to see different examples of custom guitars I've created.

I am now using my consulting experience and my many years of experience with custom guitars to help guitarists who want to 'take the next step'.

Whether you use my consulting expertise or purchase one of the custom guitars (from a variety of outstanding luthiers), you will receive a guitar that you will love.  I guarantee it!

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