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Luthier's Notes:  1939 African Mahogany back and sides, 1939 African Mahogany/ Lutz double top, East Indian Rosewood binding, bridge, fingerboard, headplate. 
OM specs:  "OM" Specs, 19 5/8" Body Length,  15" Lower Bout, 11" Upper Bout, 9" Waist, 25' Top Radius, 12' Back Radius, 16" fingerboard radius, 25.5" scale. This guitar comes with a high end white Calton Hard Shell Case, but it does have a couple of 'dings' in it.

Bob Singer's Notes:  This is another beautiful instrument from Paul Woolson.  Two unique features that I really like about this guitar are that 1) it has a double top (both 1939 African Mahogany), which gives it a beautiful 'woodsy' sound, quite unique to a normal Mahogany guitar and 2) a double back (again 1939 African Mahogany), this actually takes the players' 'body' out of the sound equation.  Most guitars have an 'active' back which depends on the back vibrating to get the best sound.  With the double it rests against your body when you play it, it is still able to vibrate to give you the full sound one should get from a guitar.

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Music performed by Aaron Stang.
Woolson Guitar - OM - New