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Technical Information:  This is a Stuart's 'Steel City' Archtop. We worked together to get the Art Deco look that I was looking for. Stuart's 'job' was making a guitar that sounded great whether it was acoustic or plugged in. While this is one of the more expensive guitars on my site, I believe it's perhaps the best value. Artists who played this at the Memphis Acoustic Guitar Festival raved about this beauty! Stuart has extensive experience building guitars and came to me highly recommended. He spent 5 years with Tom Ribbecke as '2nd in command'.

Bob Singer's Notes: Unlike many guitars of this caliber, this particular guitar was made to have a very pronounced acoustic sound; a unique and special feature of this guitar.

$9,500.00 Base Price with the extras and premium woods used
$1,900.00 - YPG Discount
$7,600.00 - YPG Discounted Price

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For Sale
Stuart Day Guitars - Steel City Archtop - Cash Price - $7,600.00; PayPal Price - $7,900.00
Music performed by Aaron Stang.