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Technical Information:  00 size, 13 fret, Crimson Sinker Redwood Top, Amazique (Ovangkol) back and sides, Amazique fretboard, bridge, rosette, headplate, Bloodwood bindings and some purfling, Walnut neck with a strip of Amazique, 25.4 scale, Side sound port.

Description from Owner:  One of the most comfortable neck carves I've played; all-around easy guitar to play, all things considered.  As you’ll discover right away, this guitar truly shines when fingerpicked, but fails to suit me as a “strummer” with anything more than very light attack.    The projection, even with the lightest fingering, is amazing.  I would estimate that there's only 50 hours of play time on this guitar.  I am the original owner.  The frets are  EVO Gold. This guitar comes with a high end Armitage Hard Shell Case.

Bob Singer's Notes:  I am a 'bit' subjective, as I own more than one Stehr guitar with another on order.  While I have many guitars on this site, that are good for a variety of uses, I agree with the owner, this is an ideal fingerstyle guitar...not to say you can't play it hard, as I've played it with a thumbpick and metal fingerpicks and cannot 'overdrive' this guitar.  If this is your style of playing guitar, this is the perfect guitar for you!

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Stehr - OO - Used 
Music performed by Aaron Stang.