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This guitar is sold to a VERY happy customer.  I want to keep this up on the page so everyone can see the beauty of this magnificent instrument (you can hear it on the clip) and see what can be created for you!

Technical Information:  SJ size, 14 fret, Highly figured Bear Claw Top, extremely rare Black & White Ebony from Laos for back and sides, rosette and hand made tuning knowbs, beveled Ebony arm rest, fretboard, bridge & headplate, Paua bindings with red purfling, Zebrawood neck (from Zimbabwe), 25.4 scale, fish side sound port and EVO gold frets.  The inlay artwork on the headplate, neck and bridge are a 'scene' from the Red Coral Reef by inlay artist Craig Lavin.

Bob Singer's Notes:  This is the most beautiful instrument I have ever seen.  It took 3 years to find this wood.  This particular wood is so rare now, it would take close to 12-14 peices to make a back like this now.  It will be many years/generations before these trees are large enough (if ever) to harvest lumber big enough for a guitar.  If you want a great sounding guitar and a beautiful peice of art...this is truly one of a kind instrument!

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Stehr - SJ  - Craig Lavin Inlay
Music performed by Aaron Stang.