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Information:  This is an OM. The back and sides are made of Brazilain Rosewood, long considered the Holy Grail of Guitar Woods. The top of the guitar is Italian Spruce.  The top have beautiful silking and grain which you really can't see well in the photography...but the sum of these two woods are far greater than the parts.  This is one of the best OM's I've ever had built. Note the beautiful rosette that John made the Macaw by Larry Robinson!  The bridge and the handmade tuning knobs (by John) are also Brazilian Rosewood; the nut is 1 3/4" This also comes with an incredible Armitage Case. 

This guitar is truly a premium guitar that I am proud to have on my website for sale!

  $5,250.00 - Base Price
​     $450.00 - Italian Spruce Top
  $2,500.00 - Brazilian Rosewood
     $550.00 - Venitian Cutaway
     $350.00 - Complex Compass Rosette
  $1,100.00 - Larry Robinson Inlay
     $100.00 - Shipping
​  $1,287.50 - 15% YPG Discount
​  $9,012.50 - YPG Discounted Price

For Sale
Osthoff Guitars- OM - $9,012.50; Cash Price - $9,012.50 PayPal Price - $9,373.00
Guitar Playing by Aaron Stong