Technical Information:  Long neck Baritone Archtop Uke. The back and sides are highly grained Myrtle to give it beautiful warm tone (similar to Walnut). The top is beautifully grained bear claw spruce. The bindings and front sound port are African Snakewood; radius fret board and pick up included. This uke can be played with metal or regular uke strings (which we used regular on this one). Gotoh tuners and custom Cedar Creek Case also included. Inlays by Craig Lavin. 

Bob Singer's Notes: This is one of the most exciting instruments I've ever received. It was a great time working with Jay and Craig on this project. I wanted this beautiful sounding 'Django' Model and asked Craig to give it an art deco look of the early and great jazz guitars. They accomplished both. This is a GREAT instrument!

IF YOU PLAY GUITAR - you don't have to learn any new a baritone uke, has the same chords structures of the last four strings of a guitar!

IF YOU PLAY AN ARCHTOP - This is a fantastic addition to your collection. As you can tell from Jay's recording, this will make many creative juices flow!

Jay's base price on this guitar is $5,725. We added many expensive options including wood, inlays and pick up, yet I am keeping the price at this base price.

Of course this fantastic uke is for sale, but if you want one with other woods and/or inlays, we can do that for you as well.

This is the only instrument, I've devoted a special page for - that's how impressed I am with this wonderful piece of art/sound/creativity!

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For many years I couldn't tell the difference from one uke to another; whether it was $150.00 or $1,000.00
I've found (in my experience) that when a guitar luthier builds a uke, using his/her knowledge of guitar luthiere to a's a DIFFERENT  instrument.  Below is a short video of Jay bulding this uke.

For Sale - PENDING
Cash/Check Price - $5,725.00; Credit Card Price $5,955.00
Lichty "Django" Archtop (long neck) Uke

Recorded by Jay Lichty