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Technical Information:  I'm sure you are aware of the Voyage-Aire Guitar that Harvey Leach invented. To my knowledge, it's the best travel guitar on the it plays and sound like a good guitar, but is also a travel guitar - truly a two in one guitar. To get a Voyage-Aire Guitar, you can get either a Chinese made guitar that varied from about $400 - $1,400 depending on wood or laminates or you can have a custom made one from Leach Guitars that typically range from $9,000 - $12,000 with this quality wood and inlays. Harv has come out with a new line that we are the first to sell. A completely hand made guitar by Harvey Leach with the best woods and his designs for almost half the price!  This guitar has a beautiful Bear Claw Sitka Top with Madagascar Rosewood back and sides.

$5,000.00 - Base Price
   $625.00 - Madagassar Rosewood
   $25.00 - Inlay
​$6,250.00 - Total
​-1,250.00 - YPG Discount
$5,000.00 - YPG Price

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For Sale
Leach Guitars - OOO Travel Guitar - Cash Price $5,000.00; PayPal Price %4,200.00