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Notes from Steve Kaufman: ​That Brazilian rosewood has been in my collection for decades. Sometimes a set becomes so precious, I don’t want to see it go!

But I did need an instrument for the circuit of guitar shows and it ultimately is more fun to build with it than to keep it!

The European spruce top came from the Jura region and was picked out for me by a prominent Spanish luthier.

I’ve been tinkering with multi-scale configurations for a while and this represents my favorite combination of span and scale.

​Notes from Bob Singer: 
I haven't played every guitar or every expensive guitar, but have played hundreds of guitars. I first played one of Steve's guitars at the 2008 Newport Guitar Festival in Miami. After playing almost every guitar there, I was a bit frustrated. I played many wonderful guitars. Many of the expensive guitars were incrementally better than others, but I couldn't find one that REALLY stood out. A friend told me to play a Kline/Kaufman guitar. I did and was blown away - completely. Can't compare this guitar to any other guitar, it's different in every respect; the engineering of course, but the sound is incredible. This giant beauty is strung with light gauge strings and plays like an electric. The sound is amazing!

Kline/Kaufman 457
$18,000 Cash Pricext.
Guitar Playing by Aaron Stang