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Luthier's Notes:  FS (fingerstyle) Model, 12 frets to body (bridge moved back to sweet spot), Rare Black and White Ebony from Laos, Port Orford Cedar top with beautiful silking, laminated neck (standard feature on our guitars) double action truss rod, carbon fiber reinforcement bars either side of the truss rod, Black and White rosette bordered with Zebra wood, bindings, tuning knobs, bridge and arm bevel, African Ebony fretboard and binding, black & white violin purflings on side and back, fully mitered at all joints, Boxwood bridge pins, modified L-1 fretboard inlay, Ebony headstock overlay White Tiger inlay by Craig Lavin, back headstock overlay Black and White Ebony; Cosmo Black 510 Gotoh tuners, bone nut and saddle, 1  3/4"  nut spacing 2 1/4" bridge pin spacing, Venetian (rounded) cutaway, clear pickguard.  This has K&K's best pick-up. It has 3 pickups - under the saddle, under the bridge and a microphone. It is an active pickup with a circuit board (behind the soundhole) with base, mid-range and treble pots for EACH pick-up. There are 3 gain controls (wheels) in the soundhole - one for each pickup. This sound not only has a great sound acoustically, but a phenomenal sound through an amp. It won't make any difference how a sound person sets up their system...just tell him/her to set it flat and you are ready to go!!!

Bob Singer's Notes:  This guitar has a very nice crisp sound with each string equal in volume, reminiscent of an OM, but more powerful.  This is a beautiful instrument, very easy and enjoyable to play. It has a great tone to it with nice overtones.  Black & White Ebony is very close in sound to Rosewood. This is the most beautiful guitar ever to enter this building!  It was built and designed for the Memphis Acoustic Guitar Festival...but it it happens to sell first.

This Guitar is sold, but wanted to show you what can be done with beautiful custom work (& GREAT SOUND)! You can have anything created for your own tastes and sound.
Stephen Kinnaird - FS Model