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This guitar was designed to be a GREAT sounding guitar acoustically and electronically, with the best pickup system on the market.

It was made for a winner and to be played whenever you are out performing, not sitting at home as your favorite guitar. Everything on this guitar has been made to make this a perfect performing guitar...from the select Sitka wood from Alaska, the Zircote back and sides from Africa (not affected by the CITIES ruling) to the K&K pick up system used only by luthiers as it doesn't affect the acoustic sound of the guitar. 

There are 2 pickups, one under the bridge to give you the full warmth and woody sound of the guitar and one under the saddle for more volume. Each pickup has a pot inside the guitar for the bass, treble, midrange and gain. This guitar has a soundport on the left upper bout allowing the player to hear the sound as well as the audience! In the soundport are two wheels to set the volume of each pickup.

Kerrville Guitar - OOO Cutaway
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