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Technical Information:  This is a John's SJ model 12 string. We went over the top on everything. An exceptional set of Paduak (which has a sound very similar to Brazilian Rosewood), very highly grained Bear Claw Sitka Top. Bone nut (1 7/8") and saddle and Paua completely surrounding the guitar - top, back and sides. The guitar has K & K's Onboard Trinity System, with 3 pick-ups under the bridge (not the saddle), which gives you the the true 'woody' sound of the guitar and a microphone which lets you adjust the overtones. The preamp is inside the guitar (with 4 pots for the under the bridge pickup and 4 for the microphone, allowing you to adjust the treble, midrange, base and gain). The thumb wheel controls for both mics are in the sound port.
This guitar has every option that John offers, plus a few that I added!

Bob Singer's Notes:  I saw on Grit Laskin's website that he tunes his 12-strings a step low with heavy guage strings. I did this and got the best sound I've ever heard from a 12-string! That's on the few occasions I've played it, otherwise, I keep medium or light gauge strings 1 step low, where the occasional player would like it better.

While the front of the guitar is beautiful with from the wood to the paua to the inlays; I just had to show the back first as it is so rare and unusual. Most Paduak, as good as it sounds is rather boring and a reddish color without significant grain. I will be using more of this wood, it's exceptional.

The inlays are from Craig Lavin.

Base Price: $5,200.00
12 String Option: $500.00
Cutaway: $400.00
Bear Claw Spruce Top: $150.00
Special Limited Paduak/Sapwood Back and Sides: $550.00
D-45 Style Paua Purfling on front, sides and back: $1,200.00
Custom Rosette: $350.00
2 Inlays by Craig Lavin: $1,100.00
K&K 3 Mic Active Internal System: $780.00
Total Retail Price: $10,230.00
YPG 20% Discount: $2,045.00
YPG Discounted Price: $8,185.00

Music performed by Aaron Stang
John Kinnaird - SJ 12 String  - Cash Price $8,185.00; PayPal Price $8,512.00