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Technical Information:  This is John's West Coast model, In Martin terms, it would be like a 000 for the upper bout and a M series (or 0000) for the bottom bout.  The actual size is 11 3/8 x 9 1/8 x 15 5/8) with Bear Claw Sitka Spruce top, Brazilian Rosewood with Bocote purfling and Bears Orange stained maple bindings on body, neck and headstock, 5 piece curly Walnut neck with Maple strips, Ebony Overlay on the front and back of the headsotck of the headstock, African Blackwood bridge and bridge plate. The rosette is Paua, Rosewood, Paua.  Ebony tuning knobs.

Bob Singer's Notes:  This is a rich,powerful sound.  Note the closeup of the soundhole.  This is a K&K pick-up.  It has 2 pickups - under the saddle and under the bridge and a microphone.  It is an active pickup with a circuit board (behind the soundhole) with base, mid-range and treble pots for EACH pick-up.  Once you've set the pots the way you like, just move the circuit board where it can't be seen (it's attached by velcro). There are 2 gain controls (wheels) at the edge of the soundhole - one for each pickup.  This sound not only has a great sound acoustically, but a phenomenal sound through an amp.  It won't make any difference how a sound person sets up their system...just tell him/her to set it flat and you are ready to go!!!

If you are a 'Bears' Fan and play guitar, this is a DREAM COME TRUE!!! The amazing  inlay artistry was done by Larry Robinson and engraving/scrimshaw by the incredible Bob Hergert.

Base Price: $5,200.00
Brazilian Rosewood: $5,000.00
Larry Robinson Inlays: $1,000.00
Bob Hergert Scrimshaw: $500.00
Total Retail Cost: $9,300.00

For Sale
John Kinnaird - West Coast Model - Cash Price $9,300.00; PayPal Price $9,672.00
Music performed by Aaron Stang.