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Technical Information: This is an OM. The back and sides are made of Ancient Kauri. This wood is the oldest wood on the planet; from New Zealand. These trees grew for thousands years and have been buried in protected swamps for thousands of years. I've had this wood for many years and finally decided to build a guitar out of it. It was Carbon Dated at 50,000 years old. Carbon Dating only goes to 50,000 years, so we don't know how old it really is...other than older than 50,000 years old. As a point of interest, this dates back to the ice age! The wood is nice and stiff, has a nice, bright tap, but I didn't know what it would really sound like. I picked Alaskan Yellow Cedar (the stiffest of all cedars) which I thought would complement the Ancient Kauri. The bindings, fretboard, bridge and headstock faceplate are highly grained Brazilian Rosewood.

Bob Singer's Notes: I am SO delighted at the sound of this instrument. It is VERY bright, powerful and well balanced. When I first heard it, the sound reminded me of an old Martin D-18, as it has aged, it now has much more of a Rosewood sound, much deeper you would expect from this size body and delightful overtones. Now that it has 'opened up', it has become one of the top OM's I have played.
The wood/tree grew during the ice ages! Oldest wood on earth.

Base Price :$5,200.00
Brazillian Wood Accents: $350.00 
Inlays: $250.00
Ancient Kauri Wood: $350.00
Total Retail Price: $6,150.00
YPG Discount: $923.00
Special YPG Price: $5,228.00

John Kinnaird - Ancient Kauri OM
Cash Price: $6,150.00