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Technical Information:  This is an OM. The has an interesting background. The project started 3 years ago, sending some of my favorite wood to Aaron Hix to build a special guitar for me. It took about a year, when I received it, the finish was thick and the sound wasn't what I had hoped for. Aaron was too backed up with work to fix it soon...I could have left it with him and waited quite awhile, but decided to send it to John Kinnaird to have him take the finish off and have it refinished. After getting into it, we decided to put a new top (from Sitka to Alaskan Yellow Cedar) with John's bracing and had it refinished. I'm not sure what the Hix guitar would have sounded like, but I know what a Kinnaird sounds like, as I've owned and sold a lot of them. This sounds like a typical John Kinnaird guitar, which is terrific. A nice well balanced OM with a nice bass and treble. The motorcycle theme was done by Larry Robinson.

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​Hix OM