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Luthier's Notes:  The Performance guitar is the OM sized Edwinson Consort (EC) model. This is the most popular Edwinson guitar out there, so far. They don’t tend to stay available for long, and about 70% of my custom builds have been for this model.

At its inception, the Consort guitar was conjured up to be a fingerstyle flying horse that you could ride through all the mountains and valleys. The music I listened to when I built the first Consort was all Master fingerstylists from around the world.  

I set out instead to build a guitar that I thought would satisfy the even the most brilliant of these modern steel string virtuosi. 
Twelve frets to the body, fifteen inches wide in the hips, slotted headstock, slightly wider than standard fingerboard and string spacing, and scaled for standard and open tunings...

The original design concept for the Consort was that it had to be the guitar I’d been wanting all my life. 

Bob Singer's Notes:  This guitar is indeed a guitar that will fit any style of playing, fingerpicing (with or without picks), flatpicking, blues, jazz, folk.  It is an instrument for all seasons so to speak.  There wasn't anything that I could play on it that didn't sound good.  It has an interesting feature - a soundport that slides open and closed...but after playing it for awhile, I couldn't imagine why anyone would want to close it; it sounds so nice open.

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Edwinson - EC Consort - Used 
Music performed by Aaron Stang.