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The customer wanted a guitar that reflected the beginning of 'Folk Rock'. When the Beatles arrived in NY for the Ed Sullivan Show in 1964, it pretty much ended Folk Music (as we knew it back then). John Phillips (and all of the Mamas & Papas individually), David Crosby, Kenny Rogers, Roger McGuinn (than Jim McGuinn) and on and on were all in folk groups and had to find a new way to express their music/talent. 

Other than Simon and Garfunkel (from New York), almost all Folk Rock groups of that time period started on the west coast (pretty much like the Eagles 'Hotel California). The customer wanted a Martin, as there weren't many luthiers in the '60's. I ordered a custom Martin OOOO-42 in Koa with an aged top. Once it came in, I had the neck taken off and the frets. 

Larry Robinson did the inlays of the logos of the Troubador and Ledbetters (LA clubs) and Hungry I and Purple Onion (San Francisco), the 4 most popular clubs in CA at the time. On the headstock, he put a 'shroom' (indigenous of the time period) and the street sign crossing 'Haight and Ashberry' (the words in 24 Carat gold dust). 

Craig Lavin inlaid the C.F. Martin in a placard style to fit in with Larry's work. Really came out well and with the Fishman/Martin preamp/pick-up, it sounds terrific acoustically or through a PA.

Put in new frets and re-installed the neck and were ready to go!

Custom Martin OOOO-42