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This guitar is an OM size guitar.  One of my favorite guitars of all time (that I owned) was a Martin OM-45, which I owned for almost 35 years.  I wanted to build a guitar that had all the brilliance of that OM, a perfectly designed finger picking guitar where each string has the same tonal value, but a deeper 'voice', not like a dreadnought, just deeper then a traditional OM, so the luthier and I designed this instrument and came out with the exact sound I was looking for.  I had a soundport put in which increases the volume of the guitar.  As you look through the pictures notice the beautiful Zircote back and sides; the top is Cedar and the Cockatoo on the top is an exact replica of one that I owned.  I decided to have feathers 'floating' down the fretboard as if they falling (coincidentally where the dot markers usually are.  The inlay artistry was done by Larry Robinson.

John Kinnaird OM
Written & Performed by Mike Carignan.
Cockatoo Guitar