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Today’s guitars are made for all different levels and styles of play. However, for a truly unique and exquisite sound some serious guitar players graduate to custom-made guitars. Let Your 'Perfect Guitar' help guide you in selecting the perfect acoustic guitar for you.

What makes us different - different from ANY other seller of wonderful guitars?  We sell three categories of guitars 1) Unique one of a kind guitars with a combination of the finest woods, inlays and designs that are one of a kind.  Once that guitar is sold, it will NEVER be duplicated!  The owner of these guitars know that they have one of kind instruments of the highest quality 2) Guitars that are made by luthiers I know and respect who make guitars that they've always wanted to make, didn't have a buyer in mind, just wanted to make a guitar that they knew would be outstanding. 3) Occasionally I will sell a used guitar for an old customer, luthier or friend.  In each and every case, I will only bring in guitars that represent the quality that I believe STARTS at OUTSTANDING.

I am Bob Singer. I have many years of experience designing, playing and working with custom guitars. Whether you are a collector, professional or casual player, I am here to help with your next guitar. My goal is to provide a custom guitar that will best fit your exact playing style, hand size, action, playability, and sound.

Throughout my life, I’ve been able to consult with some of the best luthiers in America consistently, giving me the knowledge and know how to select the perfect custom acoustic guitar for your style and talent. This allows me to work on a one-on-one basis with my customers as I can assist them in the same manner that the luthiers have assisted me. I take great pride in spending the right amount of time guiding and advising curious guitarists on which custom guitar would suite them best. 

I welcome you to take a stroll through my site. If you have any questions please contact
me so I may address any inquiries you may have. You can also view my YouTube channel to see different examples of custom guitars I've created.